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11th June 2014

Aardwolfs Club Membership.

 The Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club membership helps the club with the day to day running of keeping you informed of what happening, events from practices to trips around New Zealand, lake skating on the Natural Ice up at the lakes.

New Membership is $20.00 (One Years Membership & Insurance)
Renew Membership is $20.00
(Two Years Membership)

Just click on the Menbership Aplication Button on your right and fill out the form and email or post to the address on the form.

How to apply to an Aardwolfs Club member.

Aardwolfs Club - How we manage it.

The day to day running of the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club.

The Aardwolfs Club Constitution.
Aardwolfs Meeting Minuets.
Our Latest OSH Plan.

Aardwolfs Club History since 1998.

 Read what we have been up too since the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club was started in 1998 and see where what we have been up to.

Aardwolfs Club News and Information.
The History of the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club.

Aardwolfs Club Trophies.

Club Trophies. Not the normal one that you might get from club awards.Check out what the are and who has received them.

See our Club Trophies and who holds them.

Aardwolfs Club Merchandise.

For More Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Merchandise click Here

Aardwolfs Club Calender.

Keeps you inform of what is happen of events coming up with the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club. Best way to keep up to date is on our FaceBook site just by clicking here.

Want to Visit, Play or Coach Ice Hockey In New Zealand.

Visit, Play or Coach in New Zealand.

Aardwolfs Natural Ice Reports.

Want to go Ice Skating on the lakes and Dams in New Zealand then check out the Aardwolfs Natural Ice Reports to check up on Lake Ida, Lake Evelyn, Lake Lyndon, Lake Middleton, Diamond Lake, Coalpit Dam, Lower Manorburn Dam, Idaburn Dam, Tasman Glacier Lake at Mt Cook, the list goes on.

Check the Natural Ice Reports today.

Some of the events above may have no  association with the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club.
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