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28th June 2009 11.50pm

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These reports are based on: phone calls, emails, trips to the ice, lakes and ponds.

Please NOTE that YOU SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK and these reports only give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Conditions can change very quickly in the mountains and though we make every effort to keep these reports current in season, please be careful when skating.

Remember: ICE SKATING on NATURAL ICE can be dangerous.
Make the effort to go you wont regret it!!!!!!!
We RECOMMEND always having a means of retrieving people who may fall through the ice.

Having a tow rope on hand works well for this. More Safety Tips


If you have been to the Ice Recently. Please Ring: 03 3238293,
Txt :0274504399 or Email clive.m48@gmail a report to me, Clive Murphie
This allows everyone to benefit from your experience and may encourage new people to enjoy Ice Skating.

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Natural Ice Reports for 2009

For Ice Skate Hire in the Christchurch Area
Ring Arthur Sparrow 03 3669603
Skate Hire Staveley: Staveley Store: 03 3030 859

Saturday 28th June 2009 11.45pm: Staveley
 From Ron James, by email
Staveley may be opening Wednesday,
Ring 08 329 1747 for more info
Saturday 28th June 2009 11.45pm: Lake Clearwater & Lake Camp From Ron James Glen Cameron by email
Good Skate at Lake Clearwater and Camp, some f the ice was a little thin and broken into pieces.
Jeff at Lake Clearwater. Photo Ron James
Saturday 27th June 2009 11.45pm: Lake Clearwater & Lake Camp From Ron James and Fred van Slooten, by email
Great day skating at Lake Camp and Clearwater, lots of ice, going again on Sunday for a day night session. bring BBQ food meeting Countdown Upper Riccarton Car park at 12.00am. More Photos Here

Locals Skating at Lake Clearwater, Photo Fred van Slooten

The Crew at Lake Camp, check out the perfect day,
Photo Ron James
Saturday 27th June 2009 6.25pm: Coalpit Dam
From David Young by email
Coalpit Dam - skateable on the shaded side. Lower Coal Pit, skateable in shade and before the sun hits it.
Saturday 27th June 2009 6.25pm: Idaburn Dam
From David Young by email
Good skating on main area. Hoar Frost, Great skating down the gorge but a bit thin getting there. You can walk to the gorge. If the frosts continues it will improve.
Hoar Frost Idaburn Dam Photo David Young

The Gorge Idaburn Dam. Photo David Young
Saturday 27th June 2009 8.58am: Manorburn Dam
From David Young by txt
Manorburn: thick ice across the main basin, ice thins out further up by the neck. The surface is rough from snow melt but there are some OK patches to skate on, its foggy and not cold, but the ice surface is still hard. Good Skating on the Lower Basin but be careful. A couple of frosts will fill everything in.
Lower Basin Manorburn Dam Photo David Young

Skating at Manorburn. Photo David Young
Thursday 25th June 2009 9.45pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles
Most of the Lake is frozen, good skate today, some softening round the edges, should last till the weekend.
Thursday 25th June 2009 8.45pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie
Plenty of Ice at Lake Evelyn with about 2/3 of the lake frozen and skateable, 16 people were on the Ice last night in the 6 degree temperature and cool light southerly breeze. The Ice thickness is up to about 100mm though the surface has slightly deteriorated from Tuesday night. Still a great night out. The Ice should last over the weekend, snow and rain will be the only things that spoil it.
Wednesday 24th June 2009 4.45pm: Stavely Ice Rink
From Emily Skinner by Facebook message
Stavely Ice Rink had rain recently which reduced the ice thickness, they are hoping to open for the school holidays.
Tuesday 23rd June 2009 8.45pm: Videos of Lake, Dam and Pond Skating, From Clive Murphie,
For videos of Natural Ice Skating check out the Aardwolfs YouTube website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Aardwolfs
Tuesday 23rd June 2009 8.45pm: Lake Lyndon
From Ron James.
The Lake is about 2/3 frozen and skateable over about 1/3 of the Lake at the southern/chalet end, the surface is uneven and the ice has broken  up and then refrozen. Lake Evelyn is the better skate at the moment.
Tuesday 23rd June 2009 8.45pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie,
35 of us enjoyed a great skate in minus four temperatures last night there was ice over most of Lake Evelyn. The western 3/4 of the Lake was about 65mm thick. It was so good our next trip this Thursday night is back to Lake Evelyn.

Ron and Alan caught in the Flash, Photo: Haydene Vosloo

In the background: Clive, Daryl and Greg plus friends.
Photo Haydene Vosloo
Sunday 22nd June 2009 11.58pm: Lake Lyndon
From Ron James and Joe Morgan, by email/phone.
Three quarters of Lake Lyndon is frozen, good skating ice but a little bumpy, best access from the Chalet (Southern) end, more 2009 Photos.

Joe on the Ice at Lyndon, Photo Ron James
Sunday 22nd June 2009 11.58pm: Red Lake East and Red Lake West From Ron James and Joe Morgan, by email.
Great Ice and skating on both Lakes, reasonable access and very clear black ice. About a 200mt walk between lakes over a scree similar to Little Lake Ida and Ida.  See more Photos

Red Lake East, Photo Ron James.

Red Lake West, Photos Ron James.
Sunday 21st June 2009 10.58am: Idaburn Dam
From David Young by email
Idaburn Dam- approx 40-50 mm. Some snow ice.  Needs a few more frosts
Saturday 21st June 2009 10.58pm: Red Lake East and Red Lake West
From Ron James, Joe Morgan, and Fred Van Slooten
A NEW PLACE TO SKATE. Red Lake East and Red Lake West, some of the clearest ice ever seen: Location info Here and Photos.
Sunday 21st June 2009 10.58am: Manorburn Dam
From David Young by email
Plenty of ice in the main basin on Manorburn with a cover of powder snow but still skateable (slow)
Black ice (the best!) can be found further up in sheltered
areas and great skating but not really thick yet. (walk up the track)

Black Ice Manorburn Dam, Photo by Dave Young

Main Basin Manorburn Dam, Photo by Dave Young
Saturday 20th June 2009 8.45pm: Lake Evelyn
From Fred Van Slooten. By email
Great Ice at Evelyn, fantastic day skating.

Alan Knowles in the reeds in the sun at Lake Evelyn.
Photo Fred Van Slooten
Saturday 20th June 2009 8.44am: Manorburn Dam
From David Young, by Txt
Plenty of ice in the main basin on Manorburn with a cover of powder snow but still skateable (slow)
Friday 19th June 2009 10.51pm: Stavely Ice Rink
From Jill and Dave Burgess. By email
Staveley Ice Rink has about an inch of ice and is close to opening.
They have an "ice line" number for more information to ring for updates 083291747 or
the Manager: Mark (03) 3030807 $5 entry fee.
Friday 19th June 2009 7.15pm: Lake Evelyn
From Ron James and Joe Morgan. By email
Lake Evelyn is all go..........See the pictures below
Best access the West End through the reeds.
Ron plus friends going up Saturday, will be there from 10.30am.
Photos: Ron James

Friday 19th June 2009 7.03pm: Lake Lyndon
From Ron James and Joe Morgan. By email

Joe Testing beautiful black ice at lake Lyndon today.......they reckon its really close.........maybe Sunday if the weather holds Photo: Ron James
Sunday 7th June 2009 9.30pm: Lake Ida,
by: Ross Hanham By Facebook Message

We went on Sunday it was just skateable, about 2inch think quite freaky Caitlyn has photos, and o.m.g that ......... walk. they have closed the 2nd gate now by the creek which means u have to walk 50 mins to get there instead of 25 mins from the first gate! Ross Caitlyn Michelle and Nik.

Saturday 6th June 2009 4.30pm: Lake Ida,
by: Ange Thompson by TXT
Lake Ida, There's Ice on Lake Ida, we are just on the way back, we got out in the nick of time as it started raining, so the ice may not be any good tomorrow. The enclosure was very thick and the main lake was iced over about half, there was snow on the hockey rink and enclosure, but it was still skateable, we only went about 1-200mt's out on to the lake, just in case.  It was fine but you could still hear it creaking, didn't want to risk too much,
First skate of the year goes to Ange, also skating were Scottie, Katie Joern and Craig.
It took ages to walk in I recommend you take mountain bikes as the Gate is locked for the Olympus road.

The Team on the enclosure, Photo by Scotty Young

Ange, showing the main lake part frozen and the Enclosure with black Ice
Photo by Scotty Young
Saturday 6th June 2009 6.30pm: Lake Ida, Little Lake Ida and Lake Evelyn
by: Ron James and Glen Cameron by Email

Both Ida and Little Lake Ida frozen, Little lake Ida has about 1/3 Black ice and the rest snow covered Ok to Skate on.
The Main lake has enough ice to skate on but marginal further out, the enclosure is good, the hockey pond has snow on it.

Black Ice on the Main Lake at Ida Photo by Ron James

Lake Evelyn frozen but not enough ice to get on through the reeds, maybe Tuesday if we get some more frosts with no snow. Best access is by the bottom right of the picture, beside the road. Coming from Christchurch, you come from the trees in the background towards where the photo is taken from. Photo: Ron James


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