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24th June  2012 9.10pm

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These reports are based on: phone calls, emails, trips to the ice, lakes and ponds.

Please NOTE that YOU SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK and these reports only give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Conditions can change very quickly in the mountains and though we make every effort to keep these reports current in season, please be careful when skating.

Remember: ICE SKATING on NATURAL ICE can be dangerous.
Make the effort to go you wont regret it!!!!!!!
We RECOMMEND always having a means of retrieving people who may fall through the ice.

Having a tow rope on hand works well for this. More Safety Tips


If you have been to the Ice Recently, Please send me a report:
Ph: 03 3238293, Mob for Txt :0274504399 or Email clive.m48@gmail.com ,
This allows everyone to benefit from your experience and may encourage new people to enjoy Ice Skating.

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Natural Ice Reports for 2012
Skate Hire: Clive 033238293: 0274504399
Stewarts Gully Ice Skating Sharpening and Skate Hire
Sunday 24th June 7.06pm: Lake Clearwater and Camp
From Dave Young
at http://chipofftheiceblock.blogspot.co.nz/
The road to Clearwater had some surface ice in various places, but little ice on the lakes but I was treated to fabulous views and great weather.
Sunday 24th June 8.15pm: Tasman Glacier Lake and The Blue Lakes
From Ange Howe Campbell via Facebook
No Ice on other than the bergs on the Tasman Glacier Lake but The Blue Lakes had a 25mm cover.

Tasman Glacier and reflection   Photo by Ange Howe Campbell

Playing with the ice at The Blue Lakes Photo by Ange Howe Campbell
Sunday 24th June 7.06pm: Lake Evelyn/Lake Ida
From Dave Young
at http://chipofftheiceblock.blogspot.co.nz/
On a Drive to Christchurch today we stopped for a look at Lake Evelyn and were treated to a skate on the shady side - hard bumpy snow ice (30-40mm) - at the top end of the lake. The rest of the lake was water.  I was joined by Jeremy and Lucy Jane from ChCh.  They had walked through to Ida but not skated as were unsure how safe it was but thought the ice looked similar to Evelyn. Great to have an unexpected skate and good to see some ice has held through the warm spell.

There's still Ice at Lake Evelyn after the warm winds and rain
Photo by Dave Young

Jeremy and Lucy Jane Skating at Lake Evelyn  Photo by Dave Young
Wednesday 20th June 5.00pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie
15 skaters enjoyed the first night skate of the season on Lake Evelyn last night, the Ice was firm snow ice over the western end of the lake with layered black soft ice in the middle, weather conditions varied from almost clear to foggy.
By 10.30pm the Ice had softened noticeably and will require some hard frosts regain a good skating surface. A great night was had by all!!!!

Misty conditions for some of the crew at Evelyn last night,
Photo by Clive Murphie
Tuesday 19th June 7.07pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young at
Lower Manorburn Dam was much the same as yesterday but the snowy surface had hardened.  Foggy and a very light frost.  Most of the dam has ice coverage but unsure of thickness further out as did not venture too far with the ice being creaky.  Need a hard frost.Had a good skate in Rush Cutters corner - surface hard and a little bumpy.

Dave Young On the Ice in Rushcutters Bay.    Photo by Dave Young
Monday 18th June 7.02pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young at
Lower Manorburn Dam - 30-40 mm in Rushcutters and the rest of the basin covered. Ice over the lower basing as well - unsure of thickness. Ice was hard but covered in light snow. Had a skate but slow turning with the snow.
Great to get the first good skate for the year

Rushcutters Bay Lower Manorburn Photo by Dave Young
Sunday 17th June Lake Surprise, Tongariro, National Park, North Island
From Alan Knowles by email
Rough 5cm snow ice on iti-bity Lake Surprise, Sunday 17 June.
Five hours walk for 3 hours skating.

Alan Knowles on Lake Surprise with Mt Ruapehu behind. Photo Jo Poole

Jo Poole on Lake Surprise.                     Photo Alan Knowles
Sunday 17th June 11.25pm: Lake Lyndon
From Karl Barbet by Facebook
The ice was very skateable and quite hard. In my opinion, apart from a few bumps it was pretty good. About a third of the lake is frozen.
Looking south over the new ice at Lake Lyndon, Photo by Karl Barbet
Sunday 17th June 11.15pm: Hororata Skating Rink
From Ron James by email
Hororata rink with a thin layer of ice. Could be skateable soon: 
The Old Skating Rink in the Hororata Domain.   Photo by Ron James
Sunday 17th June 11.15pm: Red Lakes East
From Ron James by email
Red Lakes East has light snow over OK ice 60-80mm

Red Lake East from the walk down to it Photo by Ron James

Mike showing some stopping skills in the light powder
 Photo by Ron James
Sunday 17th June 11.15pm: Lake Ida
From Ron James by email
Good Weather at Lake Ida today, no change from conditions yesterday.
Saturday 16th June 8.21am: Lake Ida and Little Lake Ida
From Clive Murphie
The whole of Lake Ida is frozen with a 65-80mm good ice base, on top of this is a light snow from the last couple of snow falls. While not a fantastic skate (stippled surface) its hard and skates reasonably well. Little Lake Ida is the same, as is the Enclosure and the Hockey Rink.

From the Chalet looking at skaters down the Lake Photo by Clive Murphie

From Little Lake Ida end looking at the Chalet End   Photo Ron James
Saturday 16th June 8.21am: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie
Lake Evelyn has about a third cover of firm packed snow ice, it skated well today until the sun warmed the ice at about 1.00pm. With some more frosts this ice will be around for a while.

Ron, Nathan, Emily, Greg and Clive at Evelyn. Photo by Karl van Slooten

Getting ready for a skate.          Photo by Clive Murphie
Thursday 14th June 12.15am: Lake Ida and Lake Evelyn
From Warren McKie by email
The whole of Lake Ida looked to be frozen, with ice of varying colors. I only skated the lodge end where there was 70-80mm of very wet white Ice that was a bit soft on top.It seemed rather warm up there today, but provided there is more  snow and we get a few good frosts the results would be amazing. 
The track in from between Lake Evelyn and Lake Self was hard work with snow between ankle and waist deep. The walk in will need to be approached with care especially if frozen. NOTE: There is also a small avalanche path across the track, it should be avoided for at least a day or two after a really big dump of snow.

Snow Cover on the track to Lake Ida, Take Care.  Photo by Warren McKie

Snow Ice with a water cover at the Lodge end.  Photo by Warren McKie
The Lodge End of Ida and the Enclosure.     Photo by Warren McKie

Lake Evelyn from the Ida Track (starts between Lake Evelyn and Lake Self)           Photo by Warren Mckie
Wednesday 13th June 9.19pm: Old Tekapo Rink
From Tony Pope by email
The old Tekapo rink was very solid yesterday on the 12th, it was a bit more soft in places today though.
Looked mostly like refrozen snow ice, but not too sure.
Worth the 2 minute walk from the actual rink to check if its frozen though.
Going to have a walk about later this week to see if I can find some more Skating places in the area.

A Great shot of Tony Skating the Old Tekapo Rink      Photo by Tony Pope
Monday 12th June 10.06pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young at
A little ice on the Lower Manorburn today in Rushcutters- around15mm and melting in the wind. Clear water elsewhere.

No Skate Yet !!!!!!                                                 Photo by Dave Young
Monday 11th June 9.18pm: Coalpit Dam and Idaburn Dam
From Dave Young at
Went past Coalpit and Idaburn today for an ice check. A little unskateable snow ice on Coalpit and clear water on Ida. Hopefully the new cold spell will settle in!
Sunday 10th June 3.20pm: Lake Evelyn
From Ron James by email
Soft in the sun but a good skate in the shadow of the hill. The whole lake has ice on it. Thin in the middle of the lake but should thicken up with a few more frosts.

Lots of ice on Evelyn, roll on more frosts. Photo by Ron James
Sunday 10th June 2.55pm: Lake Lyndon
From Clive Murphie
The early skater got the ice today at Lake Lyndon, the thick snow ice was frozen well enough to skate on up to about 11.00am, after this the ice became soft and slushy as the sun and wind had an effect on it. Having said that its good to get the first skate of the season.

Stunning day at Lyndon, soft slushy snow ice. Photo by Ron James

Lots of people!! looking North towards the road. Photo by Ron James
Saturday 9th June 5.59pm: Lake Lyndon
Joe Morgan via Matt Wilson

Looks like reasonable snow ice at Lyndon        Photo  by Matt Wilson
Friday 8th June 5.00pm:  From Norway: On thin ice

This is one of the reasons we don't recommend drinking and skating...........some winter fun from a crazy Norwegian

Monday 4th June 9.35pm:  Tasman Glacier Lake
Karen McNicholl via Facebook

Ice Bergs on Tasman Glacier Lake,        Photo by Karen McNicholl
No ice on the lake yet but lots of floating Ice Bergs.
Monday 4th June 4.46pm:  Old Tekapo Skating Rink
Ang Boyes via Facebook

Nig Peering at the ice......Is it thick enough?????Photo by Ang Boyes
First Natural Ice of the Season goes to Nig and Ang Boyes......only 20mm...not enough to skate on but a start is a start...........this is at the the location of the old Tekapo Ice Rink down by the lakeside.
April 2012 Mt Cheeseman Skating Rink,  
From: Cheesman Chat PDF
The Skating Rink has been the focus of a couple of work parties over the past month. The first session saw about 10 members of the West Coast Curling Club join some of the Cheeseman crew to build the retaining wall around the perimeter of the pond and last weekend a smaller group completed this job, installed a weir system / flood gate and repaired some of the liner which was damaged by wind. Some earthworks were completed around the banks and by the end of last Saturday we opened the water supply to once again flood the pond. There are further plans for next summer to enhance the set-up even further but for now the work is done and we can relax and wait for the ice

Tony and Paul repair the base of skating rink!         Photo from Newsletter

Lining fixed and edging complete                          Photo from Newsletter
Saturday 26th May 4.38pm:  Temporary Rink Coming to Christchurch
Facebook: NZ Ice Skating City Tour
Christchurch City Council has confirmed NZ Ice Skating City Tour will be bringing a rink to Hagley Park! Opening 13th September 2012. Like their Facebook page for possible discounts and freebies.
Saturday 28th April 8.43pm:  Warming Up for Your Season?
Message from Rob Mulders From HLSK in Holland
Hello NZ skating friends,
Warming up for your season? Our skating season 2011/2012 is over. We had many great tours, in Sweden, Norway, Germany and, for the 4th season in a row, we had 10 days of ice on the canals and lakes in Holland! The tour reports from Hollands LSK can be found on http://www.skridsko.net/skridskonet/fardrapport/?_urval=-39
Some of the reports are written in English. I have been at the Ice congress in Finland, it was very nice and informative. One of the sessions was about NZ. Two leaders from the Finnish club showed movies how they drove around, together with and guided by one of your group (ED: Alan Knowles), for finding ice. Remarkable skating pictures and adventures, including a break-up of a small lake just after they skated on it. Made me promise myself that one day I will visit NZ in winter, for sure! Another interesting thing: in season 2010/2011, one group of our club had a major incident on lake Vättern. They had to be rescued by helicopter. We have written a detailed report about the incident, in English. If you are interested, you can find it on www.hlsk.nl under Documenten.
Have a nice season!
Kind regards,
Saturday 28th April 8.43pm: Mt Cheeseman Skating Rink,  
From Karl Van Slooten
Looks like the Mt Cheeseman Ice Rink is getting a makeover at the moment:
From the Mt Cheeseman Newsletter (pdf) March 2012
Further work on the ice skating rink will be underway soon by our West Coast curling friends. Stage 2 is to build a small retaining wall around the entire rink / pond which will give a place for the liner to be fastened too and will tidy up the
uneven bank. Eventually stage 3 will be to cover 2 the liner with a thin layer of bentonite Clay which will protect the liner and adds further sealing properties.

Photos from:
New Lining and Boards for the Cheeseman Ice Rink
Tree cover should give lots of shade to help keep the rink iced
Lots of hard work happening here
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