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9.10pm 9th Sept 2014


These reports are based on: phone calls, emails, trips to the ice, lakes and ponds.

Please NOTE that YOU SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK and these reports only give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Conditions can change very quickly in the mountains and though we make every effort to keep these reports current in season, please be careful when skating.

Remember: ICE SKATING on NATURAL ICE can be dangerous.
Make the effort to go you wont regret it!!!!!!!
We RECOMMEND always having a means of retrieving people who may fall through the ice.

Having a tow rope on hand works well for this. More Safety Tips


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Natural Ice Reports for 2014
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Tuesday 9th September 7.10pm: Lake Alta
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
Skied and walked across to Lake Alta ( Remarkables Ski Field) today, to have a look at the snow ice.  The wind had been blowing and smoothed off one edge of the lake and it seemed hard enough to skate on.   Luckily I had my skates so skied back to the car to get the gear.  By the time I got back to the lake (after lunch by this time)  the snow and ice had softened but I still went for a kind of crusty skate.   First thing in the morning would have worked well I think.

Dave skating at Lake Alta,      Photo by Dude 2
Saturday 16th August 7.10pm: Lake Ida
From Nathan Klein  by Phone
Lake Ida has about 20mm of ice on the Enclosure and Hockey Rink, a very dodgy skate was had on a limited area.
Not enough ice to go up tomorrow for those who were thinking about it.
Some video here for those who can see it, pictures coming later.
Tuesday 29th July 11.00pm: Lake Ida
From Warren Mckie by email
I popped into Lake Ida today on the off chance of a wee skate. It looked wet when I got there, but when I stood on the ice it was very noisy and soft, in a couple of minutes my boot was in 2 cm's of water. I have seen that phenomena before and it did not end well. The ice along the car park edge was still 50mm thick in places, but quite broken for about 2m out from the edge 
The air was warm, but calm although it did rain later. 
Another interesting feature was hearing rocks bouncing down the hill on the other side of the lake. I heard about 4 separate events, but the one I saw was about the size of a fridge. These would have been released by a high altitude thaw. In these conditions there would be some risk in traversing the open ground toward Little Ida, not that we are going to need to worry about that this season.

A wet Lake Ida with some major cracks and soft ice. Photo by Warren Mckie
Tuesday 29th July 10.35am: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Richard Cross by email
Good smooth skating in middle of lower Manorburn Dam yesterday (28th). Reasonable frost in the morning. Solid on near side (close to bluff and car park) to the middle of the lake and extended about 75 Mts upstream of the bluff, before getting too thin. Ice thinning out too much immediately downstream of the little basin / bay which has the green container. Enjoyed good solid skating until 10:30am when I needed my Nana -Nap.
No frost last night - so probably would have shrunk back today.
Monday 28th July 11.55pm: Lake Ida
From Ron James by email
Tonight at Ida: wet fast ice. 9 degrees, westerly gusting at times with spots of rain as we left. Tuesday night skate ??? could be very wet!!!!! Check the weather.

Night Skate at Ida,  Photo by Ron James
Sunday 27th July 10.55pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles by email
N forecast for tomorrow night. Skated today on Clearwater after light frost, still only a small area at eastern end, we were off the ice at 11am as it was warming. -3deg here now so a better frost tonight. The ice is forming on Camp, and will probably be skatable tomorrow, but much open water.
Sunday 27th July 9.05pm: Lake Ida
From Clive Murphie
We were pleasantly surprised when we got to Lake Ida today, 3/4 of the Lake frozen and skatable with 1/2 of the Lake having a covering of good strong ice 60-85mm, It was about a 25 min uphill bike ride and walk on the way in and a downhill 15 min zoom on the way out, About an hour if you want to walk in. Depending on the weather the ice will last....

Lake Ida.....with 2 Ron's.....Lots of Ice (Right click on the Photo and open in a new tab for full size)  Photo by Clive Murphie

Some of the 18 Skaters at Ida today Photo by Ron James
Sunday 27th July 9.05pm: Little Lake Ida
From Clive Murphie
Little Lake Ida is completely frozen with 60+mm of ice over the Lake, some frozen snow on top of the ice so not smooth, still very skatable.

Looking down on Little Lake Ida from the track between the two Lakes.
Photo by Clive Murphie
Sunday 27th July 5.58pm:Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young by email and chipofftheiceblock
Good skating in much of the Middle Basin Lower Manorburn this morning.  Smooth, dry hard ice. Firm in Rush Cutters, thinning further out.   Ice area has shrunk over last few days.  Water either end of main basin.  Weakening as the day warms - skate early.   Needs frostů..

Some curves on nice Ice. Photo by Dave Young
Saturday 26th July 9.05pm: Lake Lyndon
From Jo Cullen by Facebook
Lake Lyndon has slight cover of ice but not very thick. Not enough to skate on
Saturday 26th July 11.25am: Manorburn Dam
From Inge by email
We had a quick skate this morning on Manorburn around 9am which was actually late; we should have been earlier. If there is a frost tonight, an early skate tomorrow morning should be possible. Need a board to get on the solid part of the ice though, I got wet feet
Saturday 26th July 6.00pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles by email
Lake Clearwater had a small area of skatable ice up to 70mm at the eastern end that softened by 11a.m. Good frost likely tonight so skatable area may be expanded tomorrow. Lake is ice covered from the Island to the outlet, but thin.

Perfect day at Lake Clearwater with limited ice Photo Alan Knowles
Saturday 26th July 5.10pm: Lake Ida
No Report
Saturday 26th July 5.10pm: Lake Evelyn
From Andrea and Michael Rowe by txt and Facebook
Extremely thin ice on the Western end mostly water.
Saturday 26th July 5.10pm: Red Lakes
From Andrea and Michael Rowe by txt and Facebook
Red lakes had ice. Could stand on it but cracking majorly and was in full sun so probably weaker now.
Sunday 20th July 10.15pm: Lake Evelyn
From Alan Knowles by email
Lake Evelyn has thin ice at western end.
Sunday 20th July 10.15pm: Lake Ida
From Alan Knowles by email
Lake Ida is frozen for at least half its surface with 40mm of black ice. Just strong enough to stand on after daytime thaw. It was +.7 deg when we left at 3.30pm and I predict at least -7deg tonight and that it will be skatable tomorrow.
Editors note: Currently the 1st gate to Ida and Olympus Ski field is locked and its about an hour walk to Lake Ida from the car park between Lake Evelyn and Lake Self.

Alan Knowles on Lake Ida photo Barbara Thomson
Saturday 19th July 5.58pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young by email and chipofftheiceblock
Main bay skatable but will need a frost to hold the ice. Ice was weakening with the warmer temps.

Dave Kate, Inge and Dave on Poolburn today. Photo by Dave Young
Saturday 19th July 5.58pm: Idaburn Dam
From Dave Young by email and chipofftheiceblock
30mm ice with snow on top. Ice is weak. Not skatable.
Saturday 19th July 5.58pm: Coalpit Dam
From Dave Young by email and chipofftheiceblock
Varying 25-40mm with water on top. To weak to skate today but was skated in a small area last night (so we were told.....)
Saturday 19th July 7.51am: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young by Txt
Lower Manorburn middle basin all good. Good area for a solid skate Thin at the gorge and neck
Friday 18th July 9.10 pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
Some skating at Poolburn today a good skate for early starters if you take care.

Dave doing his favourite combination: Natural Ice and Kiting:
Photo by Dave Young
Friday 18th July 7.00pm: Lake Clearwater/Mystery Lake
From Alan Knowles by email
Mystery Lake had 70mm of snowy ice and we could skate nearly the whole lake. Clear day with overcast coming in early afternoon but no precipitation.
Light frost last night (-3deg);
Lakes Clearwater and Camp conditions at 7p.m. open water, +.5deg overcast calm.

Barbara T enjoys stunning views on Mystery Lake with windblown light snow.
Photo by Alan Knowles
Friday 18th July 6.02pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young by Txt
Primo skating on the Lower Manorburn main basin, all locked in.
Night skating underway, crowds arriving,
Friday 18th July 10.31am: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Inge by email
Good skating on Lower Manorburn today.

Good ice on Manorburn with blue sky skating. Photo by Inge
Thursday 17th July 8.49pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles by email
On Tuesday night there was a -8deg frost that put a skim of ice on the whole lake, but most of it vanished during the day. Old ice at eastern and western ends up to 3cm, and around the island - this should get to 4cm tonight (temp at 8.45p.m. -3deg dropping, no wind, clear sky). Likely skating tomorrow is at Mystery Lake, a 2+ hour walk.
Thursday 17th July 9.24pm: Idaburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
Thin Ice in parts, not ready for a skate yet
Thursday 17th July 1.28pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Inge by email
It looks like this weekend it is all on, skated this morning on the curling bay at Manorburn, ice not the best quality after the thaw last weekend.
Thursday 17th July 3.49pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young by Txt
Lower Manorburn has skatable ice in the main basin. Frost tonight too.
More info at chipofftheiceblock

Ice Scoot in action on Manorburn Dam: Photo by Dave Young.
Thursday 17th July 3.49pm: Coalpit Dam
From Dave Young by Txt
Coalpit Dam has a skim of ice only.
Thursday 17th July 3.49pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young by Txt
We had a skate on a small area today, Poolburn may offer a limited skate tomorrow for early skaters if there is a good frost tonight.
Wednesday 16th July 1.50pm: Paterson's Pond
From Callum Wood by Email
Another couple of freezing nights and Paterson's Pond could be on!! 10 km down the road from Tekapo

So close but not quite.....  Photo by Callum Wood
Wednesday 9th July 6.05pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
A natural ice day!  Dave and I headed up to Poolburn for a day-break skate and while the ice was limited we had a great skate on black ice.  Unfortunately the temp was above freezing so we did not venture out too far.  A great place to visit in winter anyway. Poolburn - 40-50mm of ice - only skate-able because it was hard black ice.  Already thawing when we left, so not worth a visit unless there are a few frosts.
Dave and Dave on Poolburn Dam  Photo by Dave Young
Wednesday 9th July 6.05pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
We finished up with a skate on the Lower Manorburn dam.  Ice was hard and fast and we skated over most of the main basin.  Good to finally be on good ice which gave us confidence to play around a bit and good to see some of the locals out on the ice.
Weather outlook is not too flash though and these last days might be the best we get this winter....Lower Manorburn - up to 65mm out in the main basin.  Good skating but weakening in warmer temps.
Editors Note: Check out Dave's blog at
chipofftheiceblock for a cool  video of the enjoying the ice on Manorburn today.
Dave getting a lean on!!! and some locals at Manorburn today
Photo by Dave Young
Tuesday 8th July 6.38pm: Lower Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
Lower Manorburn is skate-able in Rush Cutters - if you go, skate early with the frost. There is quite a bit of weed under the ice which weakens the ice so take care. Ice 50-60mm thinning as you go out.
Tuesday 8th July 6.38pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
Poolburn - needs a big frost to thicken the ice (but we did edge skate). Forecast not good.
Tuesday 8th July 6.38pm: Coalpit Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
Coalpit - about 10mm new ice in the shade. Not close to skate-able
Tuesday 8th July 6.38pm: Idaburn Dam
From Dave Young via email and chipofftheiceblock
Idaburn 15mm on one side then going to water. Not close to skate-able
Monday 7th July 11.35pm: Lake Surprise
From Alan Knowles by Email
Lake Surprise on Mt Ruapehu today offered 5cm of soft snow ice just strong enough to hold one skater for a few runs until we broke through. Air Temp at 11a.m. was 7degC!  The photo with Mt Ruapehu in the background shows the true colour of the ice.

Alan getting his first skate for the season. Photo by Alan Knowles

Jo Poole with Mt Ruapehu in the Background. Photo Alan Knowles
Monday 7th July 10.15am: Lake Lyndon
From John Nelson by Facebook
Just a few bits of frozen ice on Lyndon today

No Snow, only a little ice at Lake Lyndon today Photo John Nelson
Saturday 5th July 2.15pm: Lake Evelyn
From Andrea Rowe by Facebook
We went to Lake Evelyn on Saturday, Ice at the edge but very thin. First gate to Lake Ida locked so couldn't check Ida, would assume that it wouldn't be much different.
Friday 4th July 6.20pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From Staveley Ice Rink by their Facebook Page
Hi everyone, ice rinks are still on hold - not enough heavy frosts just yet. We'll be sure to post on here if and when the rinks will open.
Tuesday 1st July 7.45pm: Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
Still no Ice on offer. A little bit (1cm) of new black ice in shaded places on the Lower Manorburn and only a skim elsewhere.
Colder weather is forecast for the rest of the week so hopefully something will come of it.
Lower Manorburn with not enough ice!!!!   Photo by Dave Young
Friday 27th June 6.50pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From Staveley Ice Rink by their Facebook Page
Ice rinks still on hold guys as of June 27th 2014
What great Ice there was has gone - its all water currently. Cold temps forecasted for next week so hopefully there will be some action in July.
Tuesday 24th June 10.30pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From Staveley Ice Rink by their Facebook Page
Ice Rinks still on hold guys as of June 21st 2014
Thursday 12 June 1.30pm: Waiting for Ice!!!!
From Clive, Video from Joe's Videos
While we are all waiting for the Lakes to Freeze after it being so close recently, I thought I would remind everyone what we are waiting for.
This video was taken the same day as the Photo on the top of the Press article. Once again: great video Joe.

Thursday 12 June 12.30pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From Staveley Ice Rink by their Facebook Page
Hi All. Just letting you know that the skating rinks are closed and we are awaiting more frosts to thicken up the ice. We will post here as soon as conditions are getting close. Fingers crossed.
Monday 2nd June 1.30pm: Lake Tekapo
From Glen Cameron by email
Skating lakeside at Lake Tekapo at location of the original natural ice rink

Ted and Glen enjoying some natural ice, Photo: Glen Cameron
Monday 2nd June 1.30pm: Holbrook Pond
From Glen Cameron by txt and email
Holbrook Pond has 20mm of ice with patches of open water.

Holbrook Pond (right click and open in a new tab for a full sized picture)
Excellent Photo by Glen Cameron
Sunday 1st June 10.28pm: Coal Pit Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
After cooler weather and a couple of frosts Dave P and I decided to check out the usual spots to see if there was any ice around.  A lot of water around due to the snow melt but we managed to get a small skate around parts of the edge at Coal Pit Dam.  The earliest in the season both of us have been on natural ice.
Great to be out and about in winter and to finish up with a bit of a skate.  Now if we had a few more frosts......

First Ice of the season for Dave Young, Photo by Dave P
Sunday 1st June 10.28pm: Manorburn Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
Around 20mm of ice , high water level, a few frosts will bring it on.
Sunday 1st June 10.28pm: Idaburn Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
A skim of ice in the main basin
Sunday 1st June 10.28pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young via chipofftheiceblock
10mm of ice in various parts along with open water.
Sunday 1st June 6.50pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie
20-25mm of Black Ice on Lake Evelyn today, just enough (as big as a dining table) for first tracks for the season to go to Ron James and Jeff Peacock. The western end of the Lake had patchy cover several frosts needed before a skate can be had !!!!
Jeff using all the ice available, Photo by Clive Murphie
Sunday 1st June 6.50pm: Red Lakes East
From Clive Murphie
Red Lakes some ice but still a quite a few frosts away from a skate.

Cold surrounds and some ice at Red Lakes East
Photo by Ron James
Sunday 1st June 6.50pm: Lake Lyndon
From Clive Murphie
Lake Lyndon was very wet today, too much sun and not enough cold
No ice to be seen!!!!
Saturday 31st May 6.50pm: Arthur's Pass Weather Station
From Clive Murphie via their website
Please note the Arthur's Pass weather Station linked to on the left side of this post, is currently out of action due to a lightning strike last week.........hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Saturday 31st May 6.50pm:
Welcome to the 2014 Natural Ice Reports
With the frosts of the last few days it's time to think about Skating on the Lakes and Dams. Check back here regularly for the latest updates.
Monday 26th May 9.45pm: The Press
From Clive Murphie
Article in the Press feature: Escape: Monday 26th May 2014
Right Click the Photo and open in a new tab for a full size version.

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