Aardwolfs Natural Ice Reports
11.45am Mon 19th July 2021


These reports are based on: phone calls, emails, trips to the ice, lakes and ponds.

Please NOTE that YOU SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK and these reports only give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Conditions can change very quickly in the mountains and though we make every effort to keep these reports current in season, please be careful when skating.

Remember: ICE SKATING on NATURAL ICE can be dangerous.
Make the effort to go you wont regret it!!!!!!!
We RECOMMEND always having a means of retrieving people who may fall through the ice.

Having a tow rope on hand works well for this. More Safety Tips


If you have been to the Ice Recently, Please send me a report:
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This allows everyone to benefit from your experience and may encourage new people to enjoy Ice Skating.

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Natural Ice Reports for 2021
Skate Hire: Clive 033238293: 0274504399 SGI Ice Skate Services
Looking for a ride Skating or have a spare seat. Check out: this Facebook page.
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Lost Touring Ice Skate Dropped on Track to Mystery Lake on Monday 12th July
Reward for Return.
If Found Please Contact Alan 0274593999
Photo below of its twin
Saturday 17th July, 10.20pm: Lake Ida
From WM. By Email
Wed 14th July, We made it to Ida on Wednesday afternoon, a shame because there had been a great frost in the morning, but a fairly beefy NW was in charge when we got there, you could hear the ice braking up out on the main lake when the wind dropped between gusts.
The Rink was good, enclosure probably skateable, and the ice on the lake had sunk below about a 100mm of water, the submerged ice was still clear and about 60mm thick, but who knows what weaknesses were out there, so we didn't push our luck.

Wet Ice at Ida in the NW Photo by WM

Good Ice on the Hockey Rink Photo by WM
Wednesday 14th July, 9.02pm: Lake Clearwater
From Roseanna Gamlen-Greene and Liam Ashby. By Email/Messenger
Wet and fast skate on the west end of Lake Clearwater today. Ice was cracking and melting fast and I imagine it may be gone tomorrow.

Wet ice in windy conditions. Photo by Rosanna Gamlen-Greene

Picturesque backdrop at Clearwater Photo by Liam Ashby
Wednesday 14th July, 6.30pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Report for July 13th and 14th.
60mm of Black ice at the western end of Lake Clearwater
Strong NW'er in the afternoon of the 14th July.

Photo of Barbra Thomson by Alan Knowles

The Western End of Lake Clearwater by Alan Knowles
Wednesday 14th July, 5.59pm: Mystery Lake
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Mystery Lake, Monday July12th, 80mm of snow ice with an all over rough surface.

Mary Ralston Skating on Mystery Lake, Photo by Alan Knowles
Wednesday 14th July, 9.25am  Lake Ida and Little Lake Ida
From Mike Day by email.
Tuesday 13th July. Walking in to Lake Ida we were surprised to see the whole Lake was not frozen. The skating area extended only some 100mts from the Lodge end with thinner ice a bit further beyond that, and the black ice white from skate marks.
At Little Lake Ida was mostly perfect Black ice over the whole Lake (except for the springs at the far end from the walking track) The ice thickness at both ends was 100mm. We skated most of the Lake.
Wednesday 14th July, 9.25am  Lake Evelyn
From Mike Day by email.
Tuesday 13th July, Morning, Perfect black ice, in clear conditions. The Lake Selfe end measured 65mm in the clear ice just past the reeds, 50mm about 30meters from the point (before the Lake widens) and 35mm closer to the point.
Tuesday 13th July, 3.32pm  Coalpit Dam Naseby
From Dave Young by
Natural Ice Otago
See the report on Coalpit Dam in Naseby on the Natural Ice Otago Facebook Page.
Monday 12th July, 5.13pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Lake Clearwater today west end 60mm black and fast ice. The area of strong ice has grown and now exceeds 300mts east of the willows.
Should be much more extensive tomorrow. East end was weaker but should be on for tomorrow
Monday 12th July, 11.35pm  Little Lake Ida
From Roseanne Gamlen-Greene by email.
Great Skate on Little Lake Ida today. Approximately 4/5ths of the lake solidly frozen (the whole lake is to varying degrees) It wasn't making any noise!, Didn't take thickness but I'd guess over 80mm in the solid parts (ie: most of the Lake) A lot of the ice was wind affected but there is still nice ice!

Fully Frozen Little Lake Ida Photo by Roseanne Gamlen-Greene
Monday 12th July, 11.20pm  St Arnaud
From Dwight Fray by Messenger.

Skating at St Arnaud today. Photo by Dwight Fray
Monday 12th July, 7.37pm  Lake Ida and Hockey Pond
From Kelly Lamers by email.
Had a great day out today on the hockey rink at Lake Ida.
There was also a good section of Lake Ida that was skatable

Lake Ida today. Photo Kelly Lamers

The Hockey Pond at Ida Photo Kelly Lamers
Monday 12th July, 4.30pm: Lake Clearwater
From Jayde Stubbs
and Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Good Skating today in the west corner of Lake Clearwater, 10 degrees outside temp, 60mm black, wet, fast ice.10 min walk from the car park.
A perfect day at Lake Clearwater. Photos Jayde Stubbs
Monday 12th July, 4.30pm: Lake Camp
From Jayde Stubbs
and Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Lake Camp has 20mts of ice on the eastern edge.
Lake Camp with a stunning backdrop. Photo Jayde Stubbs
Monday 12th July, 4.30pm: Maori Lakes
From Jayde Stubbs and Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Frozen but not enough to skate on.30mts 1/3 of the Lake
Monday 12th July, 4.30pm: Lake Heron
From Jayde Stubbs
and Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Frozen but not enough to skate on 30mts of ice in the South west corner.
Lake Heron in the afternoon Sun Photo Jayde Stubbs
Sunday 11th July, 9.18pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Beautiful Skate all morning at the Western end of Lake Clearwater. When we got off, the ice was still good and fast. Noisy ice 50mm thick. Temperature at 9pm is -5deg, calm and clear.
Access to Lake Clearwater inlet swamp is around the Lake from the village or from the DOC car park, 1km walk across tussock track, then down 100mt to the Lake edge. Beware of unfrozen swamp when getting onto the ice..

Andrew Henderson on Clearwater Photo Alan Knowles
Sunday 11th July, 5.40pm: Little Lake Ida
From Fred van Slooten by txt.
Great Skate on Little Lake Ida today. Great ice. Almost all the Lake skateable apart from the usual springs.

Springs at the West end of Little Lake Ida. Photo Fred van Slooten

Most of Little Lake Ida Frozen. Photo Fred van Slooten

Little Lake Ida today. Photo Fred van Slooten
Sunday 11th July, 7.10pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young. at
Dave got a skate on some snow ice today check out the pictures and full story at: chipofftheiceblock
Sunday 11th July, 5.31pm: Lake Ida and Hockey Pond
By Facebook Messenger
Thin ice at Lake Ida today, a noisy skate on marginal Ice.
2 skaters/swimmers in the water for a prolonged period of time after falling through the ice.
A good skate on the hockey pond.
(Editors Note, When Skating on Natural Ice its essential to have a method of pulling people out of the water, handy, and on the ice, ready to use. A rope longer than15mt works well. We also recommend discussing your plan to pull people out....who and how!!!! before you step on the ice, this practice could save someone's life)
More Safety Tips
Sunday 11th July, 4.30pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From the Staveley Ice Skating Rink Facebook Page
Staveley Ice rink plans to open this Tuesday. Check out the Staveley Facebook Page for details Staveley Ice Rink Facebook Page
Sunday 1tth July, 7.48am: Cheeseman Rink
From Fred van Slooten by txt.
Cheeseman Rink has around 50mm of good ice with some fine frost crystals on it. Shared the ice with the West Cost Curlers last night.
Still a good option for a skate.
Saturday 10th July, 9.35pm: Poolburn Dam
From Andrew T Nicholson. By FB
Natural Ice Otago
Sorry folks, all the ice from Monday has gone. The wind got to it.!!
Had a great tramp and dog walk though.
Quite a bit of non skatable ice around the Ida Valley. Will need frosts ASAP to be of any use this year.
Saturday 10th July, 6.37pm: Lake Ida and Hockey Pond From Jeff Peacock. By Txt
Lake Ida not skatable, Little Lake Ida,  Whole lake frozen, 25mm ice, only skated for 5 mins on about 10 square mts, very dodgy, Had a good skate on the hockey pond. I think it will need 2 or 3 more hard frosts for a good skate. Light winds and 7degrees at 6pm.
Saturday 10th July, 6.37pm: Lake Evelyn From Jeff Peacock. By Txt
Evelyn only a 1/4 frozen, 10mm of ice, not skatable.
Saturday 10th July, 11.05am: Lake Ida and Hockey Pond From ZF. By Messenger
Skated the Hockey Pond at Ida last night. 50-60mm of ice but dodgy round the edges.....(I had a swim) ....the Main Lake has Ice but not quite enough to skate on ......light frost there.
Thursday 8th July, 3.48pm: Cheeseman Rink
the Forest Lodge Facebook Page
The Forest Lodge/Cheeseman Rink is frozen.
Thursday 8th July, 1.22pm: Lake Clearwater
From Alan Knowles. By Email
Clearwater Ice Report: Grass temp -8deg overnight. Skim formed over half the Lake. Now at 1.20pm strong Easterly and 5deg has removed all ice except in the lee of the island. High sun, I think Poolburn will come on befrore Lake Clearwater. Though Lake Mystery might be on.
Monday 5h July, 8.10am: Poolburn Dam
From Andrew T Nicholson. By FB
Natural Ice Otago
Read Andrews account of skating on Poolburn Dam today on FB at
Natural Ice Otago
Monday 5th July, 7.00pm: Little Lake Ida
From Clive Murphie.
Managed a skate on a small part of Little Lake Ida today, 95% of the lake was frozen but thawing in the NW Wind. The wind was forming channels in the ice and water was being driven down them by the wind.
The 75mm of ice was soft and forming tree like cracks and rapidly loosing strength. Hopefully the forecast rain, wind and snow leaves a base for a refreeze.

A wet and glassy skate at Little Lake Ida Photos Julia Egan
Monday 5th July, 7.00pm: Lake Ida and Hockey Rink
From Clive Murphie.
The NW wind and waves delivered all of the main lakes ice to a tinkering pile in front of the chalet overnight. It will require a significant freeze to provide more ice for a new skatable surface.
The Hockey Pond was a glass like and fast skate but rapidly weakened as we skated on it today, when we left at 2.00pm due to the rapidly increasing NW gale, water was starting to pool on the surface.
Ice in front of the Chalet at Ida Photo Clive Murphie

The Hockey Rink at Ida super smooth ice. Photo Julia Egan
Monday 5th July, 7.00pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie.
What a difference a day makes, after an excellent skate yesterday due to the wind and warm temperatures today Evelyn was unskateable. Access from the road was soft and wet, and any ice was loosing its strength.
As no waves were acting on the ice it may survive the coming weather.

A wet and windy Evelyn today Photo Clive Murphie  
Monday 4th July, 7.48am: Cheeseman Rink
From Fred van Slooten by txt.
Skated Cheeseman Rink last night, Frosted Surface so a little rough but pretty good. About 50mm of ice. Only a small area by the entry is marginal the rest is solid. Temps are rising now.
Sunday 4th July, 7.25pm: Poolburn Dam
From Dave Young. at
Another good  frost overnight Black ice in most places and fantastic skating. We skated around the back of the main island but eventually had to turn back due to thin ice. A rare day on perfect Ice in fine weather.
For some stunning photos and the full story check out Dave's Blog:
Sunday 4th July, 8.17pm: Little Lake Ida
From Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Lake Ida 80mm of thick mostly black glass ice. 98% frozen  very good skating. Highly recommend going.
Sunday 4th July, 8.17pm: Lake Ida and Ida Hockey Rink
From Mike O'Connell. By Messenger
Lake Ida, Less than a third frozen, wind effected Ice, not skatable.
Ida Hockey Rink was crystal clear glass, frozen so clear I could not measure. near a 100mm and premium skating.
Sunday 4th July, 8.40pm: Lake Evelyn
From Clive Murphie.
Surprise Skate at Lake Evelyn today, everyone who turned up was expecting a walk through to Little Lake Ida, but an approximate -10 frost last night gave a 50mm cover over about 1/3 of the Lake which stayed in shadow till about 11.30am, softer ice from 2pm on but it should freeze again tonight before the wind and expected rain arrive late pm tomorrow.
An unexpected skate at Evelyn.  Photo Clive Murphie
Sunday 4th July, 9.00am: Hororata Domain Rink
From Jayde Stubbs. By Messenger
Good Ice but not enough to skate today....
Sunday 4th July, 9.00am: Manourburn Dam
From Andrew T Nicholson. By Facebook
All frozen but not enough to skate on may be skatable with a few more frosts.
Sunday 4th July, 9.00am: Idaburn Dam
From Andrew T Nicholson. By Facebook
All frozen but not enough to skate on may be skatable with a few more frosts.
Saturday 3rd July, 10.07am: Cheeseman Rink
From Roseanna Gamlen-Green by email.
Checked out Cheeseman Rink briefly on the way for a walk today, and the ice is about 3.5-4cm thick and I'm not going to skate today.
Ice doesn't look super amazing (a bit bumpy)
Saturday 3rd July, 9.08am: Lake Ida
From Roseanna Gamlen-Green by email.
Ice Report for Lake Ida Friday July 2nd, less than 2 cm and not very much.
A frosty Lake Ida     Photo by Roseanna Gamlen-Green
Saturday 3rd July, 8.44am: Little Lake Ida
From Roseanna Gamlen-Green by email.
Ice report for Little Lake Ida, Friday July 2nd!
Only marginally thick enough (2cm thick)! Saw lots of very large cracks forming under me and nearly went through so we only stayed on the very edge (where the ice was supported by the bottom). Ice was nice but wind affected. Iím going back on Sunday as I hope it should be thick enough by then for a proper skate. 
First Skate in Canterbury this season.  
Photo by Roseanna Gamlen-Green
Friday 2nd July, 4.30pm: Staveley Ice Rink
From the Staveley Ice Skating Rink
Facebook Page
The Staveley Ice Rink is raising funds to add refrigeration to the Staveley Ponds for a 3 month Winter Season.
 HOW CAN YOU HELP? Click here to visit our Give A Little Page
Monday 3rd May, 5.02pm: Cheeseman Ice Rink
From the Forest Lodge NZ
Facebook Page

A skim of Ice on Cheeseman Rink 
Photo from the Forest Lodge Facebook Page

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