Lake Tekapo Ice Rink
17th June 2011

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Early Lake Tekapo Ice Rinks
Ice Rinks at Tekapo have had several incarnations, originally there was an area down by the lake that froze (see the video below) this opened on Saturday the 13th June 1936, In 1957 there was no Ice Rink operating as the Lake level was too high,
This resulted in the rink location being moved to the current position,  there were 3 different rinks before the Alpine Springs Ice Rink
The first rink in this area didn't have a plant and then for several years there were two rinks, one Natural ice and one plant assisted, these were then left in a run down state until the current owners took over, now the Alpine Springs Ice Rink is run as a Roller Rink over summer and an Ice Rink over Winter, the hot pools run all year round.
Twin Lake Tekapo Ice Rinks
June 27th 2005, Photo by Trent Muldoon
An early version of the Lake Tekapo Ice Rink, this shows the two rinks, the far rink had assisted cooling and as you can see this end had "variable" conditions
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August 4th 2003, Photo by Evil Yoda
At Lake Tekapo Ice Rink looking across the Lake
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The Original Lake Tekapo Ice Rink
August 3rd 2010, Video by Joe Morgan
Some video of Ron skating on the original Ice Rink in Tekapo down on the lakefront, this area freezes over winter.

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