Lake Lyndon

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10th November 2013

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Lake Lyndon
Lat: 43'18'11.64S Long: 171'41'56.46E Elev:825M

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Lake Lyndon

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Lake Lyndon is a glacial lake shadowed by the towering and snow-covered Craigieburn, Torlesse and Big Ben ranges. The mountain of the same name, Mount Lyndon (1,475 metres) overlooks the small lake. The Acheron River flows from the lake to the Rakaia River.
In the middle of Porters Pass, Lake Lyndon freezes every couple of years, as it has really easy access from Christchurch its a great place to skate. Unfortunately its open to the wind and susceptible to rain and snow. The A Frame Lodge at the Southern end of the Lake
was built by the Papanui Pathfinder Club as the Pathfinder Lodge, it was built 1965/66 and officially opened in 1967 by then Minister of Crown Land Mr Code. This lodge is currently owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There was a lodge built by the Canterbury Ice Hockey Club on the main road by the bend at the north end of the lake, it was built in the late 40,s early 50ís, this lodge was sold in the 80,s and moved to the Broken River ski field.  In 1964 the Centaurus Club ran an Ice marathon at Lake Lyndon, this was part of the NZ long track skating probramme

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Above: Travelling towards the West Coast over Arthur's Pass, Lake Lyndon is on the left at the bottom of Porters Pass.
Below: An ariel view of Lake Lyndon showing the main West Coast Road. .

Lake Lyndon

The Map below show the best access points for Lake Lyndon (note the Spring position)

Driving Instructions from Christchurch to Lake Lyndon
AA Maps: Directions to Lake Lyndon
(Via Porters Pass) Main Road.
Head out of Christchurch through Yaldhurst follow the signposts through Darfield, through Springfield, head up Porters Pass and on to Lake Lyndon which is on the way down Porters Pass on the Left.

Driving Instructions from Christchurch to Lake Lyndon
(Via the Lyndon Road)
Note: the Lyndon Road is frequently closed and is described as a fair weather Road.
Leave Christchurch through Yaldhurst, Turn Left at the signposted corner for Hororata
You should cross over the railway lines and head west, on reaching Hororata, turn left at the Hororata Roundabout. follow the main road sweeping right by the sawmill. Keep going until you come to the Stop sign that is also   signposted Mt Hutt Left, Windwhistle Right, go straight over from the Stop sign Heading for Lake Coleridge, Turn Right at the signposts for Mount Olympus and Lake Ida on to Homestead Road. Instead of Turning Left at the Harper Road Corner to go to Lake Ida and Olympus continue straight on down the Lyndon Road  to Lake Lyndon.

See photos of Lake Lyndon here

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