Lake Pukaki Overflow Spillway
6th June 2009

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Lake Pukaki Overflow Spillway

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The Overflow Spillway is to the right of the actual spillway and doesn't usually have water flowing down it. By the T in Tekapo (Tekapo Twisel Poad)

An Ariel view of the spillway from Google Earth, the water in the basin at the bottom freezes and can be good for skating on. With snow on it the spillway makes a perfect ski field, that is with the exception of having to walk to the top every time you want a run, carrying your skis

July 12th  2008

Photos By Glen Cameron and Kushla Proffit

The Spillway and "Thin" Black Ice
Black is beautiful   See Through,
only a few bubbles

Saturday 26th July 2003

Photos By Ron James

The entire area covered with snow makes for great skiing on the spillway.
Lots of walking back up though!
Skate on ice where you find it.
This is the bottom of Lake Pukaki Spillway.

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