Tasman Glacier Lake
13th July 2009

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Tasman Glacier Lake
Lat: 43'41'32.23S Long: 170'10'57.57E Elevation 750M

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Tasman Glacier Lake

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The Tasman Glacier is the largest of several glaciers which flow south and east towards the Mackenzie Basin from the Southern Alps in New Zealand's South Island. It is 29 kilometres long and as much as 4 kilometres wide, and is entirely within the borders of Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, at its most the glacier depth is 600 meters. At the terminal face of the Tasman Glacier is Lake Tasman which is famous for being among the only freshwater lakes in the world with icebergs

The Tasman flows south from the southern slopes of the Minarets peak, along the eastern flank of Aoraki/Mount Cook, the peak of which is only five km from the glacier. It is almost met partway along its length by the melt water of the Murchison Glacier, which approaches from the northeast before turning to flow beside the Tasman Glacier outside the moraine wall.

The waters from both these glaciers pool at the end of the glacier in Lake Tasman, before flowing south to join the outflow from the nearby Hooker and Mueller Glaciers in the wide valley of the Tasman River, whose braided streams flow south into Lake Pukaki. They eventually flow into the Waitaki River and to the Pacific Ocean north of Oamaru. Dr. Martin Brook from Massey University predicts that the glacier will eventually disappear with the new lake that is formed reaching a maximum in 10-19 years. In 1973 there was no lake and by 2008 a lake that was 7km long, 2km wide and 245m deep existed at the glacier.


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Driving Instructions from Christchurch to the Tasman Glacier Lake
Head South from Christchurch toward Ashburton
Pass Ashburton then turn right on to the Rangitata Orari Bridge Highway (79)
Follow the Signposts to Fairlie take a right turn at fairly onto the Fairly Tekapo Road
Go through Tekapo and turn right to head for Mount Cook with Lake Pukaki on your right on Highway 80 Turn Right into Tasman Valley Road
Tasman Glacier Lake is on the right.
See photos and videos of the Tasman Glacier Lake
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