Lake Evelyn
24th June 2009 Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Lake Evelyn (Sometimes called Eva)
Lat: 43'18'11.64S Long: 171'41'56.46E Elevation 587M

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How to get to Lake Evelyn

 Safety Tips
2009 at Lake Evelyn

Tuesday Night 23rd June 2009

Photos By Haydene Vosloo

Clive, Daryl, Greg and Friends getting ready for a skate Ron and Alan caught in the flash.

Tuesday Night 23rd June 2009

Photos By Scotty Young

Hailey Ange and Hanna taking a break from Hockey Craig an Janos posing for the camera.

Friday 18th June 2009

Photos By Ron James

Lots and Lots of beautiful black ice Picture perfect
Alan Knowles in touring gear.
Joe getting his gear on
2008 at Lake Evelyn

Saturday 21st June 2008

Photo By Ron James

2007 at Lake Evelyn

Sunday 8th July 2007

Photos By Glen Cameron

Its all snow ice now The other end of Lake Evelyn

Saturday 23rd June 2007

Photos By Glen Cameron

West side of Lake Evelyn Where we skated the 20th June 2007 East side of the lake
Its amazing how the ice conditions can turn so quickly.
You must make the most of it when it's there.
Safety Tips
    Great fun with gumboots

Wednesday 20th June 2007

Photos By Glen Cameron

The joys of heading out for a skate Looking good so far Hey Kush. Brent checking things out
Brent and Ron.
Can you see them?
What a Picture Kush & Ange Oops
Glen and Kush Wow that's bright House on the hill Hey Ange
Look what I found the spring goes deep it snowed a little while we were here.

Wednesday Night 20th June 2007

Photos By Ron James

Out with the lights and ready to skate Look it's Glass.
Nope it ice.
Springs that come up from below. How close can we go
Look Snow and more snow Great fun this snow I Agree with that
2006 at Lake Evelyn

Monday Night 19th June 2006

Photos By Glen Cameron

Happy to be here. Skating on Snow Ice Craig Clearing the way And Clive Too
Emily and Sophie Who's This? Katie playing some hockey It was a little cold
Snow Angles Kiss My............... Can we all have a go Polar fleece Jackets are great for collecting snow
Enjoying the Show Well done Guys How High Can I Fly From the Lake to the road.

Monday Night 19th June 2006

Photos By Ron James

25 of us braved the cold, we found the ice covered with 2 inches of snow and water
Breaking out the shovels we all cleared an area to skate in with several tracks giving room to move
Craig and Al It was cold......very can see the lights from the generator in the background. Katie, Clive and Emily on one of the tracks we cleared that branched out from the main area. Craig, Kush, Katie and Phil
Ready to go skate Sophie: Ice Hockey player of the future..........! Jeff and Katie (Big) We need to clear this bit......
Simon in Charge.....
Kush and Glen So How cold was it??? Lots of snow and water Joern and Sophie

Relaxing after Hard Skate How high do I have to Go?? Hey

Sunday 18th June 2006

Photos By Ron James

Ron's Report is there 4-5 inches of Ice had about 2 inches of snow on OK skate............
2004 at Lake Evelyn

Sunday 18th July 2004

Photos By Ron James & Glen Cameron


Glen Taking the Risk
How to get to Lake Evelyn
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