Garston Ice Skating Rink
6th June 2009

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Garston Ice Skating Rink
Garston is 15 mins south of the South East end of Lake Wakitpu 

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Monday 8th January 2007

Photos By Glen Cameron

Families used to travel for miles to go skating at the Garston Ice Skating Rink. Situated a few kilometres east of Garston up a side road, the rink was a busy meeting place for people during the winter months. Packing up picnic teas of warm soup and savouries, donning layers of warm cloths, cars and even bus loads of people ventured to Garston to participate in ice skating.
The site is still easily found today despite the number of years since it has been used. The concrete surrounds are encased in moss and the ice rink is now a mass of overgrown grass, but sit there quietly, and one can imagine the swish of skate and squeals of fun and laughter from days gone by.
A rather dilapidated building is all that remains of the club rooms. but the sign on the door still displays the hours of operation.

Hours of Operation Now Overgrown Where is Garston Days of the Past

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