Lake Ida & Little lake Ida
1st May 2012 Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Lake Ida, Little Lake Ida
Lat: 43'14'06.34S Long: 171'32'16.68E Elevation: 749M

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Sunday  9th August 2012

Photos by Ron James

Sunday  9th August 2012

Photos by Ron James

Monday  22th August 2011

Photo by Chris Ruske

A great view of Ida looking down from the back of Porters Pass Ski Field


Thursday  21st  July 2011

Photos by Ron James


Saturday  3rd July 2011

Photo by Fred VanSlooten

A Great day to start the season 

Saturday  3rd July 2011

Photo by Joe Morgan

Beautiful Ice on the Main lake at Ida
18th July 2010
Photo by Ron James
2nd August 2010
Photo by Warren Mckie
On the way back from Little Lake Ida What's left of frozen Lake Ida, the orange bit in the middle are the car keys to give you an idea of scale
6th July 2010  Photo by Chris Ruske 10th July 2010
Photo by Jeremy Walsh
Chris having another great day. Jeremy and LJ

5th July 2010

Photos by Ron James

Night Skate at Ida Time to tighten those Skates

4th July 2010

Photo by Fred van Slooten

The Crew!!
3rd July 2010        Photo by Chris Ruske 3rd July 2010       Photo by Warren McKie

Awesome Ice Warren going for a skate

3rd July 2010

       Photo by Warren McKie

The enclosure and main lake Looking from the other direction
2009 at Lake Ida
Sunday  9th August 2009

Video By Steve Reekie


Skating at Lake Ida with, Clive Chris, Ron and others,
Steve's first time skating on natural Ice outside, a dream come true
Sunday  9th August 2009

Photos by Ron James

Clive on the main lake
Ron on some picture perfect Ice, other than all the lumps
Another great day at Ida
The Crew So Much Ice

Little Lake Ida from the top of the Scree

Winter wonderland

Saturday  6th June 2009

Photos by Scott Young

Ange, Craig Joern, Katie and Scott:
 get first skate at Ida for 2009
Main Lake looking a bit dodgy  

Ange on the enclosure Hockey in the Hockey Rink!!!!

2008 at Lake Ida

Saturday 21st June 2008

Photos and Movie By Ron James

Ron Skating at Little Lake Ida on perfect Ice.

Sunday 1st June  2008

Photos By Ross Hanham, Michelle,
Nic and Caitlyn

The Hockey Rink

2007 at Lake Ida

Sunday 8th July  2007

Photos By Glen Cameron

The walk in to Lake Ida Looking towards Little Lake Ida
'Do you see them?'
Hey guys fancy meeting you here! Great Move Ron
Cold enough to break holes in the ice Wow One lap down The lodge at Lake Ida
Look at all that great black ice. Bugger: not enough to skate on it. Lots of snow on top of the ice Break time on the second lap of Lake Ida
More snow Kushla's glove left behind White horses  

Tuesday 13th June 2007

Photos By Craig Armstrong Frey

Craig and Janos at Lake Ida on the Hockey pond.

Ice on the lake Ida Hockey Pond and Enclosure some on the main lake.

2005 at Lake Ida

Sunday 17th July 2005

Photos By Ross Hanham

The Ice on the Pond at Lake Ida Ross on the ice Ross with the biggest grin This is how thick the ice is at Lake Ida's Pond

Sunday 10th July 2005

Photos By Glen Cameron

From the Lodge End From the Lodge End Pt 2 The Main Lake of Ida
  The Lake Ida Lodge The enclosure  

2004 at Lake Ida

Sunday 18th July 2004

Photos By Ron James

Another fine day at
Lake Ida in
New Zealand's South Island
Look at that Ice And more Wow, Figure 8's
Looking back to the Lake Ida Lodge Little Lake Ida. The walk down. Wow.
The best you can get.

2003 at Lake Ida

Tuesday 29th July 2003

Photos and Movie By Ron James

Some superb skating from Jeff Peacock on the best ice at Little Lake Ida
The kids are out for a skate too. To much snow to handle for one person. That's a lot of snow to clear.
 It will be gone by summer.

Saturday 26th July 2003

Photos By Glen Cameron

Can you see the Lake Ida Lodge The Only Black Ice on the whole lake. Little Lake Ida from the top of the slip that you have to walk over
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