Staveley Ice Rink
4th June 2012

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club

Staveley Ice Rink
Lat: 43'37'43.01S Long: 171'25'47.6E Elevation: 435M
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Coming soon to Ice Near you!!!!!!!
Unsure whether it opened as conditions were too warm???
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Saturday 27th July 2009

Photos By Emily Skinner

Jake at Stavely ice rink:
Nige and Dan playing Hockey on the bottom rink at Stavely
Saturday 21th July 2009                                             Photo by Ron James
Hours and contact details for 2009
Nil.....not cold enough.....:-(
From the book Bush, Bulldozers and Boulders. Janine Holland talks to some of the people behind the Stavely Ice Rink
August 19 2006
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Wednesday Night 28th June 2004

Photos By Ron James
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The Top Rink with the shop in the background. Sophie & Emily. Ted, Jeff, Joe, Stacy & Mario The Crew Before it Really Started Raining.
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