Tasman Glacier Lake
13th July 2009

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club


Tasman Glacier Lake
Lat: 43'41'32.23S Long: 170'10'57.57E Elevation 750M

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Wednesday 1st  July 2009

Photos By Alan Knowles

Mark Eastern skating on the Tasman Glacier Lake:
Mark Eastern skating past a big burg:
Tasman Glacier Skating 2007
Video By Ron James

Sunday 15th July 2007

Photo By Glen Cameron


Sunday 6th August 2006

Photo By Ron James

Is there any one down there? and the race is on. Now that's a Face
Long way back In the distance The lucky people on the day.

Sunday 1st August 2004

Photo By Glen Cameron

The Glacier Lake all ice to the face. Glen and Kush all alone with all that ice.
The Tasman Glacier lake with lots and lots of ice,
Bugger there is no cell phone coverage in that area.
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How to get to the Tasman Glacier Lake
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