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6th June 2009

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Alpine Springs Winter Park, Lake Tekapo Ice Rink
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Wednesday 15th July 2007

By Glen Cameron

Monday 16th April Easter 2007

By Glen Cameron

Saturday 24th March 2007

By The Press

Tekapo's new drawcard nears completion

Tekapo's latest drawcard, the $4 million Alpine Springs and Spa winter park, will open in May.

Owner-developer Karl Burtscher, who has worked on the project every day for over a year, said yesterday that the 56m by 26m American standard-sized ice-skating rink and hot pools would open in May, with other developments to be completed soon after.
When complete, the winter park will feature spas and treatment rooms, private and public hot pools, a plunge pool, a fun snow park and cafe. Burtscher said the development was the only one of its type in an alpine setting, and it was hoped to attract tourists and Kiwis.
Three of the hot pools Tekapo, Pukaki and Ohau are formed in the shape of the lakes after which they are named, and each will have a view of Lake Tekapo, as will the indoor spas.
The ice rink will be used for skating, ice hockey and curling and may double as an entertainment venue in summer.
The huge rink will be frozen by pumping glycol through 15km of pipes over which is laid concrete.
A layer of ice will be created over the concrete, and the ice will be skimmed daily to keep its surface true.
Heat generated by the park's freezing plant would be used to heat the pools. The four spa treatment rooms would offer rock massages, mud wraps and beauty treatments.
The park is being created on the expanded site of the old naturally frozen ice rink on the shore of Lake Tekapo.
As the winter park takes shape, units in the nearby luxury Bluewater Resort are being built, easing accommodation pressure in the fast-growing town.
Burtscher said a lot of material from the site rock and timber was being used in construction. More than 5000 cubic metres of rock has been taken from a bank on the site, much of it reused.
Burtscher said the pools and spas would be open all year, and the ice rink from Easter to about the end of September. The snow park will operate from June to September
By JOHN KEAST TEKAPO - The Press | Thursday, 1 February 2007

Friday 9th February 2007

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13th January 2007

Photo By Glen Cameron


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