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26th May 2014

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Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club New Web site. 23rd Sept 2013

Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club new website has been scaled down to the basics as most information is now done on facebook. Team manager stuff and schdules have been but together with the teams Premier Dunaferr, A Grade Thunder,Oldwolfs, Lightning and B Grade Bandits.

Aardwolfs Ice Natural Ice Reports - 23rd Sept 2013

Want to go Ice Skating on the lakes and Dams in New Zealand then check out the Aardwolfs Natural Ice Reports to check up on Lake Ida, Lake Evelyn, Lake Lyndon, Lake Middleton, Diamond Lake, Coalpit Dam, Lower Manorburn Dam, Idaburn Dam, Tasman Glacier Lake at Mt Cook, the list goes on.

Check the Natural Ice Reports today.

Want to Visit, Play or Coach Ice Hockey In New Zealand. - 23rd Sept 2013

Visit, Play or Coach in New Zealand.

In Sport, Red is a Winning Colour - 18th May 2005

Red is a winning colour study, Says John Roach for National Geographic News.
Scientific American Article Red in Sport A Winning Colour ! read what they have to say.

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