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18th November 2013

Hello Overseas Visitor.

We get lots of enquiries from overseas Teams, Players and Coaches looking to play and coach in NZ, this page has been set up to answer some of the more common questions and to act as a resource for people wanting to visit, play or coach in NZ.

Some Basic Information.

Players of Ice hockey in NZ pay to play, most also supply their own gear and skates.
Other than a couple of regional coaching positions Coaches also cover most of their own costs.
Ice Hockey in NZ is a small sport that is going through a growing phase, we are limited by the amount of ice time available in a limited number of Ice Arenas

In Christchurch, New Zealand.

In Christchurch New Zealand where the Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club are based we have one Privately run Rink
In New Zealand we have a mixture of skill levels from International Representatives and Overseas players to Absolute beginners.
In Christchurch our Season is split in two: in October to March (our Summer), Non checking Ice Hockey is played. We have three grades Beginners, Advanced and Premiers, these are mixed teams and graded on ability, a total of 15 Teams.
From March to October (over winter) there is a Full Contact League with seven teams in two Grades, a Women's League with four teams and a full range of younger grades.
In 2005 the first Super League National Competition was Run with four Regional teams, two from Auckland One from Christchurch and One from Southern (Dunedin, Gore, Naseby and Queenstown) This will continue in 2006 and promises to be an outstanding competition.

New Zealand's Position in the World

Frequently Ask Questions.

Can you find me work in NZ?
Sorry, No we cant.
Check out the websites listed to the Right of this Page Requirements for Working in NZ
Will I be paid to Play Ice Hockey in NZ?
Can you find me work
at an Ice Rink in NZ?
Sorry, No, these seldom come up you should try the Ice Rinks direct. (See Links Page)
Will I be paid to Coach Ice Hockey in NZ?
Very Unlikely. Contact our Regional and National Organisations. (See Links Page)
If I am visiting Christchurch can I play some Ice Hockey?
Yes, we have Ice Hockey Played all year round.
Email the Aardwolfs to let us know when you are coming.
Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club
We are an Ice Hockey Team wishing to visit NZ can you help organise Games and other people to contact?
 Yes, This page is specifically set up for you.
Please contact us for more information.
Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club
Do we have a Masters/Oldtimers team.
Yes we do. Find out more Here

Helpful Links for Overseas Visitors

Things to do in NZ

Where to Stay in NZ What opportunities are there for work in New Zealand?

You can contact our Regional (CIHA) or National (NZIHF) Ice Hockey Associations Here.

 The Latest News from the CIHA.
The Latest News from the NZIHF.
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