Aardwolfs Masters Teams
23rd May 2014

The Aardwolfs Masters Teams have been set up specifically for playing in Masters/Old Timers Tournaments, Competitions and against visiting Masters/Old Timers Teams. In New Zealand the Masters/Old timers age criteria are: Over 35 years old for Men. Over 30 years old for Women.

If your Team would like to visit New Zealand, we would be happy to help organise Ice Time for teams and individuals. We can also provide contact details for other areas in New Zealand.
If you are travelling to Christchurch depending on our commitments we might be able to help with accommodation.
If you are considering travelling to the South Island of New Zealand we may also be able to help with transport.
We look forward to seeing you.
Please contact us if you are contemplating coming our way at
Aardwolfs Ice Hockey Club


Aardwolfs Oldwolfs Masters Team 2014


Aardwolfs Arthritic & Ancient Masters Team 2005



Aardwolfs Masters Team

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